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Natasha Asbury

Global Emcee, Presenter and Tradeshow Talent

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Client: Honda, Polestar, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar / Land Rover

Auto Show Presenter and Product Specialist

I am a part of an on going touring team of Presenters, Product Specialists and Ride and Drive Specialist for several different auto manufacturer brands.  Job duties include memorization of a scripted presentation to be presented on stage at auto shows, answer detailed questions about the vehicles and company, manage show reports and event photos to be submitted to client, and lead generation.

Event:  Albuquerque Auto Show

Client:  Wolters Kluwer, Learner's Digest / Audio Digest

Booth Supervisor and Sales Representative

I am a part of an on going touring sales teams for Learner's Digest and Audio Digest.  Job duties include setting up and tear down the booth display, managing the on-site sales team, manage show reports and event photos to be submitted to client, answer detailed questions about the programs being showcased at the conferences, doing product demonstrations and processing on-site sales.


Client: F5 Networks

Emcee, Lead Generator and Production Assistant

I am one of the main Lead Generators for F5 Networks and work several conferences and tradeshows with them each year.  Job duties include light setup of the booth materials, scanning badges and generating hot leads from potential company customers, managing and distributing premiums, and crowd gathering on a microphone prior to each in-booth presentation.

Event:  Black Hat Convention

Client: Google, SAP, Merk, Fage

Tradeshow Booth Hostess

I often work as a general tradeshow booth hostess at various tradeshows and events.  My general booth duties include distribution of samples or premiums, conveying product and company information to show attendees, scanning badges and creating qualified leads, and greeting attendees as they enter the booth.


Client: Ito En, T-Mobile, Geico

Brand Ambassador

I regularly work as an event brand ambassador at various promotional events and festivals.  My job duties often include distribution of samples and premiums, conveying product and company information to attendees, scanning badges, greeting attendees as they enter the booth and keeping the work area clean, organize and welcoming.


Event Hostess

Client:  SalesForce

I regularly work as a event hostess for various different companies and at different industry events.  My job duties include greeting attendees as they enter the event area, checking in guests, distribution of samples or premiums, conveying product and company information to attendees, and scanning badges.

Product Demonstrator

Client:  Samsung, RapidFil

I have work at various tech related tradeshows and conferences as a product demonstrator.  My job duties include learning full product information on the items I will be demonstrating, talking to attendees and fully demonstrating how the item being showcased works, and answering product and company related questions.

Video Game Demonstrator

Client:  Hudson Entertainment, THQ, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft

I often work as a video game demonstrator and professional gamer at various game conventions and press events.  My duties include learning to play the video game at an expert level, demonstrate game play and mechanics to attendees, encourage attendee to play the game being demonstrated, and answer product and company related questions.

Hospitality Hostess

Client:  Harmonic

I sometimes work as a hospitality hostess at various conferences and private events.  My job duties include greeting guests and checking them in on the guest list, talking with guests and making them feel welcomed at the event, light food and drink service, managing food and supply orders, and making sure the area is cleaned and organized.

Coffee Bar Barista

Client: Biogen

I often work as part of a hospitality area at conferences as a coffee bar barista.  My duties include setting up and tearing down espresso machines and equipment, making various espresso and coffee based drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes, refilling supplies as needed, and greeting each guest at the booth and make them feel welcomed.

Ultasound and Medical Demo Model

Client:  Kaiser Permanente

I have experience working as an ultrasound and medical demo model at various medical conferences and medical training facilities.  My job duties include laying on an examination bed and acting as a patient while different medical equipment and ultrasound machines and techniques are being demonstrated on me, and give patient feedback when needed.

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About Me

Welcome to my Online Portfolio!

I have always been a driven and ambitious person, looking to always challenge myself and learn new things, which is why my passion to work hard is reflected in my career as a spokesmodel and product specialist.  Having been in the event industry since 2004, I have represented many different companies in varying industries, at both small localized events and large global conferences. I am based in San Francisco, CA but work at events, conferences and tradeshows all across the USA and internationally.

Outside of work, my hobbies include traveling, exploring new eateries, fashion and makeup, computer graphic art and design and playing video games.  I consider myself a bit of a nerd and also love keeping up with the latest gadgets and technology, and learning about new things.  I also thoroughly enjoy my job, and have made many friends and met a lot of interesting people along the way.

For more information about my tradeshow and event services and future appearances, please get in touch today.

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